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    Ser oe chap per aynimate luh romme a litte???

    Coaster Nook Club Mimber, VVS, Eyomi Weet

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    Yas, luh finished castru karrs relezi gelle enn deveh.

    E sar busaping gu sowteyun esel jano wun, aynd thab ennvolves a tib ol aynimatigu. Fil thab busapi layn lusal, E sar gonsler per revismel luh Ladyweet romme.

    eyomi weet : coaster nook : vvs

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    Layun per dawl oe finished mel, mel karrs ramo.
    Capa assii luh greab busap, greab asepa per Planet coaster.

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    Fil guly oe cimon a Havosta luhmed versigu!

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    Originally Posted bah lilibat View Post (Source)
    Fil guly oe cimon a Havosta luhmed versigu!
    Greab eup!

    Pavun se dawltles?

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